” I’m  Pregnant For Stevo Simple Boy, Alinipea Mechi Safi Sana ” Mombasa Lady claims.

A Mombasa woman named Milly made waves on the internet recently when she opened up in an interview with an online media outlet called Iano.

Milly, known as a content creator and TikTok personality, revealed that she has been in a relationship with Stevo Simple Boy for some time, but they officially began dating in October 2023.

According to Milly, it was Stevo who initiated their relationship, and they became intimate. She praised Stevo’s performance in their relationship and revealed that she is now pregnant with his child, currently two months along.

When Milly broke the news to Stevo, he admitted the truth of the pregnancy but expressed that he wasn’t prepared for fatherhood. Despite Stevo’s hesitation, Milly is determined to reconcile with him and build a family together. She sees them as a perfect couple and is eager to start a life together as husband and wife.