‘I’m done with Kenyan women, they will kill me’- Brown Mauzo says after breaking up with Vera Sidika

Brown Mauzo, formerly in a relationship with Vera Sidika, appears to have soured on the idea of love, as evidenced by his recent social media post. In a candid expression on his Instagram stories, the singer conveyed his disillusionment with romantic relationships, bluntly stating, “Women will kill me, I’m done with them.”

The split between Mauzo and Vera Sidika, who share two children, marked a significant transition in both their lives. Announced on August 30, 2023, the breakup seemingly prompted divergent reactions from the former couple. While Sidika hinted at moving on swiftly, expressing readiness to embark on a new romantic journey shortly after the separation, Mauzo’s sentiments suggest lingering dissatisfaction and a quest for attention.

In his announcement of the breakup, Mauzo reflected on the shared experiences with Sidika, acknowledging the memorable moments but ultimately asserting that parting ways was the best decision for both parties and their children, Asia Brown and Ice Brown.

Sidika’s response to the breakup was notably different, as she openly signaled her readiness to embrace new romantic prospects, engaging with her fans on social media shortly after the split.

The narrative surrounding Mauzo’s disillusionment with love and the aftermath of his breakup with Sidika paints a picture of shifting emotions and perspectives within the realm of romantic relationships.