Rick Ross is hiring a flight attendant for his private jet, salary 17 million Ksh a year.

Renowned American rapper and entrepreneur, Rick Ross, recently revealed his intention to hire a personal flight attendant for his private Gulfstream G550 jet, known as Maybach Air. In a widely circulated video on social media, Ross emphasized his preference for a candidate with a great sense of humor and exceptional job competence.

In the video, the self-proclaimed “biggest boss in the game” showcased his lavish Gulfstream G550 adorned with his name, “RICK RO$$,” in gold lettering. This announcement marked the inaugural search for a dedicated flight attendant to join his elite team.

Ross disclosed that the annual salary for the coveted position of “personal cabin attendant” would range between $85,000 and $115,000. The qualifications for prospective candidates encompass a spectrum of requirements, including previous experience as a flight attendant, a positive demeanor, a passion for global travel, and a commitment to professionalism.

Highlighting the significance of worldwide travel in his myriad business ventures, Ross emphasized the need for a personal flight attendant. He also underscored the importance of the selected individual being capable of providing CPR, as Ross himself has experienced a seizure on a plane in the past.

Concluding his announcement, Ross provided his email address for interested applicants while emphatically stating that only serious, non-joking candidates need apply. Additionally, he specified the need for culinary skills, expecting the flight attendant to not only prepare but also serve cuisine during flights. Ross’s stringent criteria reflect his dedication to maintaining the highest standards for his private air travel experience.