Dem wa FB: Sijawai ng’ara hivi, leo nimevaa nguo ya 15k

In a gathering teeming with luminaries from the arts and entertainment realm, convened to commemorate the inaugural birthday of Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray’s offspring, one figure stood out amidst the glittering throng: the Facebook humorist affectionately dubbed Dem wa FB, resplendent in a crimson ensemble.

Bantering with the press corps specializing in entertainment, Dem wa FB quipped that his radiance on that momentous occasion marked a personal zenith, jesting that he endeavored to captivate the attention of his ‘paramour,’ Kennedy Rapudo.

The comic shared that while he typically adopts a casual guise akin to a trip to the bustling markets of Gikomba for the “Obinna show Live,” he exerted himself for this occasion, investing in attire valued at upwards of 15,000 Kenyan shillings.

“Never have I shone so brightly. My usual garb for Obinna is modest. But today, I sparkle, all for my crush [Rapudo]. Usually, I don attire sourced from Gikomba. Makeup set me back 7k, hair styling 4k, nails 3k, and shoes an additional 4k,” Dem wa FB quipped, underscoring the thriftiness of his expenditures.

Dem wa FB disclosed that the soirée marked his inaugural encounter with Kennedy Rapudo in the flesh, as their interactions hitherto had been confined to telephonic exchanges.

Grateful for the sartorial and cosmetic assistance rendered, Dem wa FB extended his gratitude to Amber Ray, acknowledging her pivotal role in his grooming endeavors, alongside her diligent aide.