Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy Unveils Their Son’s Face

Kenyan popstar Nadia Mukami and her fiancé Arrow Bwoy have finally revealed the face of their one-year-old son, Haseeb Kai. The proud mother shared photos of Kai on Instagram as she celebrated his first birthday.

Nadia expressed her joy at having a baby boy, revealing that she had always desired one. She described him as very active and talkative, and credited him for giving her a new reason to work harder. She also jokingly asked him to become their family lawyer in the future.

“Mtoto anafanana na nani? ……….I always wanted a baby boy sooooo bad and God granted me baby @haseebkai You are just like mummy very active & talkative 😁 You gave me a new reason to hustle harder! Naomba kesho usiseme unataka kuwa msanii☹️🙄😁😁 Please be our family Lawyer 😁😁😂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY @haseebkai.”

Arrow Bwoy also shared photos of Kai and thanked God for how far they have come as a family.

The couple had kept their son’s identity a secret since his birth on March 24, 2022, only sharing glimpses of him without revealing his face. This had sparked curiosity among fans who were eagerly waiting to see their little bundle of joy.

Despite facing challenges in their relationship, the couple’s love for their son has always been apparent. In their latest collaboration, “Kai Wangu,” they celebrate their love for their son and express their gratitude for his presence in their lives.