How Samuel Mwenda Makes Ksh.1.2 Million From Selling Garlic Onions.

Agriculture serves as the primary engine propelling Kenya’s economic growth. Those who strategically invest in this sector are poised to harvest substantial rewards. Samuel Mwenda stands out as one of the successful Kenyan farmers who have capitalized on the lucrative opportunities within agriculture.

Mwenda owns a thriving garlic and onions farm spanning approximately 10 acres. Situated in Buuri sub-county along the Meru-Nanyuki Road in Kisima, his farm is meticulously cultivated and designed to foster optimal conditions for the robust growth of garlic and onions.

During an interview, Samuel Mwenda shared insights into his 13-year journey as a garlic and onions farmer, highlighting significant prosperity. With consistent profits recorded annually, Mwenda attested to earning substantial income. During favorable years, his earnings often surpass Ksh.1.2 Million, solely from the sale of garlic and onions.

For Mwenda, agriculture has become not just a source of income but a livelihood. He emphasized the importance of resilience and adaptation in the agricultural sector. Reflecting on his past challenges with French beans, which proved unsuccessful, he advocated for farmers to embrace crop rotation. This practice involves replacing underperforming crops with more viable alternatives, ensuring a more sustainable and profitable agricultural venture.

Samuel Mwenda’s success story serves as a testament to the potential rewards that agriculture holds. Through prudent choices, dedication, and a willingness to adapt, he has transformed his life, now enjoying a prosperous and lavish lifestyle fueled by the millions generated from garlic and onions farming.