Akothee Warns black Ladies Against Trapping White Men With Pregnancy,”Hawa Watakuacha Tu Ata ukiwa na Watoto”

Esther Akoth, widely recognized as Akothee, a renowned singer and entrepreneur, has recently issued a cautionary message to women regarding their relationships with white men. She emphasizes the misconception among many Kenyan women who perceive white men as pathways to a wealthy lifestyle, warning against the pitfalls of such assumptions.

Akothee asserts that not all white men are affluent, debunking the notion that partnering with them guarantees financial security. She underscores the risk involved in attempting to ensnare white men through pregnancy, highlighting cases where women have been abandoned to raise children single-handedly.

In a candid statement, Akothee advises women against marrying white men, emphasizing the potential consequences they might face. She paints a stark picture of the aftermath, stressing that not all unions with white men lead to a life of luxury as commonly believed. She cautions against romanticizing such relationships, as the reality could entail abandonment and solitary struggles.

The dissemination of Akothee’s message sparked varied reactions, as seen in responses to the video shared on Edgar Obare’s platform. While some concurred with Akothee’s sentiments, others challenged her stance, citing her own history of dating white men and suggesting that her warning might discourage those inclined towards such relationships.

This discourse coincides with Akothee’s recent confirmation of her relationship with Nelly Oaks. The acknowledgment came during a live session on TikTok, where the couple was observed enjoying quality time together.