Drama in Maragua as husband gives wife a dog’s beating after she was spanked by another man while drinking keg.

There was drama in Maragua-Murang’a County after a man served a thorough beating on his wife after he saw her being spanked by another man while they were having their enjoyment at one of the clubs in the small town.

According to eyewitnesses, the couple were enjoying themselves with two jugs of keg when the husband got pressed and went to relieve himself.

When he returned, he found his wife busy tweaking on a man who did not loss a moment in spanking the reportedly huge buttock.

“The man went to the toilet and when he came back, he saw his wife busy grinding on another man. That’s when hell broke loose and the husband descended on his wife with blows and kicks,” an eyewitnesses told Murang’a Newspaper.

“But for a fact, that lady has a huge behind and I would also not reject the offer of touching it,” another witness stated.

The two however were cooled down by the pubs management and the unidentified man was no where to be found for a comment.