Meet Aicy Stevens “Baby Daddy”, Nick Kwach. -

Meet Aicy Stevens “Baby Daddy”, Nick Kwach.

Introducing Nick O Kwach, renowned for his comedic performances alongside Grace Wamae, famously known as Aicy Stevens, where they humorously portray the dynamics of a challenging co-parenting relationship.

Nick Kwach wears multiple hats in the entertainment industry. He serves as a Radio Presenter at Sound City Kenya and holds the honorable title of BIC Soleil Brand Ambassador. His acting talents shine as a key member of The Crony Productions.

In their collaborative skits, Nick Kwach assumes the role of a composed, unassuming individual with a penchant for witty comebacks. This character portrayal adds depth and relatability to their comedic narratives.

A pivotal year was 2019 when Nick Kwach secured a significant role on NTV Kenya’s Trend Show. A respected panelist and commentator, he contributed insightful perspectives to the weekly program hosted by Amina Abdi Rabar.

While Nick Kwach’s personal history and family background remain largely private, it’s known that he hails from Kisumu County and identifies with the Luo ethnic group.

Contrary to public speculation, Nick Kwach and Aicy Stevens’ relationship is professional in nature. Despite their convincing performances as a couple in their skits, they are recognized as imaginative partners solely for the purpose of their comedic acts.

In an interview with a local media outlet, Nick Kwach disclosed that his initial encounter with Aicy Stevens occurred during her involvement in the Bedsitter Chronicles, a YouTube series.

The pair’s inaugural skit revolved around the humorous portrayal of a woman dating a Luo man. Within this skit, Nick Kwach playfully showered Aicy with an array of endearing names and phrases, humorously reflecting common Luo traditions.

Nick Kwach’s acting prowess extends beyond his collaborations with Aicy Stevens. Notably, he featured in the film “Patwa,” directed by Eddie Butita, alongside esteemed actors such as Yasmeen Said, Eddie Butita himself, Joey Kinyua, and Chantelle Siamento. His involvement in “The House of Drama” further underscores his versatility in the acting realm.