“My aunt urinated in a cup as i watched then forced me to drink it”; Mathare Man Narrates (SEE).

A man identified as Alex Johari, 35, from Huruma area, Nairobi County has made a shocking revelation of his childhood life.

In an interview with TUKO, the father of three recalled how he lived on a lie that his parents were dead only to later learn that his mother was chased away from home 5 months after he was born.

Alex was forced to move from Vihiga to Nairobi, Kawangwale area where he found his dad living with his aunt.

As fate would have it, the aunt turned out to be Alex’s worst nightmare.

He revealed that she could tie him on a sit and then force him watch as she urinated in a cup then later force the helpless 5-year-old boy to drink the urine.

This routine went on till Alex was 8-year-old.His attempts to tell the father about his aunts rotten behaviors bore no fruits.

Luckily, Alex escaped from home amd started life as a street boy where he finally reunited with his mother 28 years later.

He is now a husband and a father of three children.