“Mwanaume akinikatia namtukana,” Justina Syokau crys for Job

Gospel singer Justina Syokau has expressed her frustration over women who refuse to offer her job opportunities due to unfounded fears that she might steal their partners. She conveyed her sentiments through a short video posted on her TikTok account, where she highlighted how her life has come to a standstill due to the lack of opportunities in her music career.

The talented singer, known for her hit song ‘2020’, revealed that she has been denied job opportunities in events after falsely claiming to have undergone surgery to enhance her appearance. Justina clarified that she has never and will never engage in any relationship with a married man, as she has experienced deep heartbreak in her past relationship.

Addressing those who doubted her intentions, she stated, “To those who are hesitant to hire me for entertainment at their events, there’s no need to worry about me taking someone’s husband. I have never dated a married man.” She went on to emphasize that she has no interest in pursuing romantic relationships, as her painful past experiences have left her uninterested in love and marriage.

Justina also disclosed that she had previously expressed affection for controversial gospel singer Ringtone Apoko. However, her stance on love seemed to have changed in recent months, possibly due to personal growth and introspection.

Earlier this year, the singer caused a buzz on social media when she admitted to getting fake enhancements to attract potential suitors after being rejected by Ringtone Apoko. In the video, which lasted approximately 10 minutes, Justina seemed disillusioned with many aspects of her life, including her music, which she referred to as mere comedy, and her emphasis on physical appearance.

The singer made it clear that she is desperately seeking job opportunities to get her life back on track, especially because she has a sick child who requires medical attention