” I Live in The Streets, Nateseka Sana” Ex Bahati’s Video Director Cries Out For Help.

Director Tiger, a former video director for Bahati, has recently reached out to the public for help. Despite directing numerous hit songs and supporting many artists, Tiger is currently living in a dire situation with no place to stay and no financial stability.

In a recent interview, Tiger revealed that he had directed popular gospel hits such as “Mama” by Bahati, “Tenda Wema” by Ringtone Apoko, “Lala Salama” by Willy Paul, and “Unanifanya Ning’are” by Christina Ashusho. However, his life took a turn for the worse during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tiger had to return home to take care of his sick mother, using up all his savings to cover her medical expenses. When he returned to Nairobi, he discovered that his house had been closed by his landlord and all his possessions had been auctioned off, leaving him with no choice but to live on the streets. For the past four months, Tiger has struggled to find food and shelter while also supporting his sick mother.

Director Tiger is appealing to the goodwill of Kenyans to help him get back on his feet. He is requesting financial assistance or a job opportunity to sustain himself and provide for his mother’s treatment. Despite his past contributions to the Kenyan music industry, Tiger has fallen on hard times and is in desperate need of help.