Nimemwaga Mayai Kenya Nzima, Kwanza Ukambani- Pastor Ngang’a Confesses He Has Eaten Hundreds Of Women Rosecoco

Controversial Neno Evangelism Pastor James Nga’ng’a has publicly confessed to have slept with hundreds of women in ….CONTINUE READING

In a viral video, the Sasa TV owner admitted to have slept with multiple women all over the country and impregnated them.

He said that he had babies all over the country who do not know that he is a their father.

Nimemwaga mayai hii Kenya nzima, mimi ni babu saa hii. Kwanza hii Ukambani, huko nimewacha watoto wengi sana,he said in the video.

The flamboyant pastor who has been caught in numerous cheating scandals revealed that he was a womanizer before turning a leaf to Christ.

Previously, his wife had threatened to divorce him after discovering his infidelity with church women.