How Dorcas Gachagua Rose From A poor Househelp to 2nd Lady of Kenya.

Dorcas stepped into the public eye in August 2022 when her husband, Rigathi Gachagua, assumed the role of Deputy President of Kenya. Their enduring 35-year relationship has forged a remarkably strong bond, showcasing an extraordinary love life.

However, the lesser-known backdrop of Dorcas Gachagua’s life unveils a humble beginning. Born in Murang’a, she initially settled in Kiandutu with her husband. Her educational journey led her through Alliance Girls High School and St. Francis Girls after completing her basic education.

Although she excelled academically, her aspiration to become a lawyer remained unfulfilled. Despite this setback, she pursued a degree in Education at Kenyatta University.

Dorcas Gachagua’s life was marked by adversity, starting with the loss of her father at a young age. Left with her mother and seven siblings, the family faced financial struggles, with Dorcas doubting her chances of success.

To make ends meet, they worked on a coffee farm and sold water to sustain themselves. Dorcas even took on the role of a househelp at one point, demonstrating her willingness to undertake any job to support her mother financially.

The journey from a househelp to the position of Kenya’s Second Lady is a testament to Dorcas Gachagua’s resilience. After completing her degree, she secured a position at the Cooperative Bank of Kenya, working in the Department of Agriculture. Fate brought her and Rigathi Gachagua together during a delegation to Kabarnet with President Moi.

Their initial connection blossomed into a romantic relationship, eventually leading to marriage. In 2007, Dorcas decided to leave her job and assume the role of supervisor for their family businesses. Now, she plans to step away from her current position to focus on her calling as a pastor, having been ordained as a woman of God.

Attributing her husband’s political ascent to God’s grace, Dorcas Gachagua is prepared to embrace the responsibilities of being the Second Lady. The couple, blessed with two adult sons—one a doctor and the other a software engineer—embarks on this new chapter with gratitude and commitment.