Musician Kasolo Called Out For Allegedly Threatening A Minor.

A video shared on WhatsApp shows gospel musician, Stephen Kasolo telling an already afraid child that he will kill him.

The singer in the video is seen placing his hands on the child’s neck as though trying to choke him.

The video has caused an uproar promoting the singer to issue an apology.He defended himself saying that it was only a joke and went on to say that the kid’s mother was the one filming them.

Meanwhile, Bodaboda riders along Forest Road, Nairobi have been called out after they were captured on camera sexualy harassing a lady.

In the viral video, an unidentified lady is seen being molested by the riders as she screams for help.The perverted riders can be seen tearing off her clothes and even some grabbing her bre**st.

In the video, other ladies in the background can be heard laughing at the poor lady’s predicament.Now, Kenyans have condemned the action and called on the Director of Criminal Investigative to act in haste and aprehend the culprits.