Linet Toto Gifts Her Parents New Multi-million BIG House.

Bomet’s Woman Representative, Linet Chepkorir, known as Toto, recently revealed a newly constructed residence dedicated to her parents. The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) legislator expressed gratitude in a statement, describing the house as a token of appreciation for her parents’ unwavering support throughout her political journey and for instilling in her the qualities of a responsible leader….CONTINUE READING

The house, currently in its final stages of construction, adheres to contemporary architectural standards. Its impeccably crafted brown roof has garnered considerable attention for its precision. The exterior of the dwelling features modern artistic designs, complemented by sturdy pillars supporting an expansive verandah. Additionally, the residence boasts cutting-edge window and door designs.

Although Toto opted not to disclose the exact dimensions of the house, it occupies a substantial plot of land. While the cost remains undisclosed, construction experts speculate that the intricate structure likely incurred a considerable sum, potentially amounting to millions.

Expressing her gratitude and acknowledging the progress of the gift, Toto remarked, “My gift to my parents is at an advanced stage. I thank God for bringing me this far. When blessed, it’s important to remember one’s parents.”

Upon completion, her parents are slated to relocate to the new residence, marking a significant upgrade from their previous semi-permanent dwelling in Bomet. Toto, driven by a determination to improve the living conditions at home, passionately campaigned for and won the Woman Representative seat in the 2022 General Elections, with substantial support from the local boda boda operators in Bomet.