Mulamwa’s ex Carrol Sonnie Left in Shock After Involvement in Severe Road Accident

Kenyan actress and renowned content creator Caroline Muthoni Ngethe, popularly known as Carrol Sonnie, finds herself in the extraordinary position of being alive today following a recent road accident.

In a statement released on Thursday evening, the former partner of comedian Mulamwah revealed that she, along with unnamed companions, narrowly escaped a fatal outcome in a severe road accident. Despite surviving the incident, the traumatic experience left her in a state of fear and shock.

In her Instastories, Carrol Sonnie expressed gratitude, saying, “Oh God. We almost lost our lives in a car accident… Our God is a God of another chance.” She further conveyed her distress, stating, “I am so traumatized. Oh God!”

However, the details surrounding the harrowing accident were not disclosed by the mother of one. Nevertheless, she continued to convey her thankfulness to God for delivering her from the perilous situation.

Approximately two months ago, the actress and her co-parent Mulamwah publicly engaged in a dispute regarding their collaboration in raising their two-year-old daughter.

In October, Mulamwah expressed his desire to contribute to the upbringing of their only child with Carrol Sonnie. During a Q&A session on Instagram, the father of one revealed the challenges he faced in being involved in his daughter’s life. He mentioned that each time he sent money or gifts to support their two-year-old daughter, it would be returned to him.

“I am trying to help, but it’s not easy. You send money, it gets reversed. Even birthday gifts I sent were returned. So, it becomes very difficult,” Mulamwah responded to a fan inquiring about his involvement in raising his daughter.

The 30-year-old comedian expressed confusion about the issues between him and his former partner. Later, Sonnie appeared to confirm that she was returning money and other assistance sent by her ex-boyfriend Kendrick Mulamwah for the upbringing of their daughter.

In a brief statement issued a few days after Mulamwah spoke, Sonnie hinted at the reason for rejecting assistance from her former partner. She emphasized the importance of not accepting offerings that lack respect, stating, “Good morning. Just a quick reminder. No matter how broke you are, DO NOT ACCEPT offerings that come with LACK OF RESPECT.”