“Behave Well Always” Muthee Kiengei To Evangelist Lucy Wa Ngunjiri Calling Her A Mother Superior -

“Behave Well Always” Muthee Kiengei To Evangelist Lucy Wa Ngunjiri Calling Her A Mother Superior

If you happen to be a Christian or a devoted listener of Kameme FM, chances are you’ve crossed paths with Lucy Wa Ngunjiri at some point. She is not only a pastor but also the visionary behind the Prayers Beyond Boundaries Church situated in Nairobi, Kenya. Among the esteemed gospel ministers in Kenya, she is renowned for her unwavering commitment to the truth, unburdened by any fear of consequences. What sets her apart is her pivotal role in planning an upcoming colossal global Christian gathering.

Just a few hours ago, she found herself in a meeting orchestrating this grand ministry event, where she had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Ben Kiengei. Pastor Ben, the founder of the Jesus Compassion Ministry, a relatively new endeavor, was graciously given the opportunity to address the assembly as a token of appreciation for his presence. As he stepped up to the podium, he offered heartfelt gratitude to Lucy Wa Ngunjiri, affectionately referring to her as “Mother Superior.” Intrigued by this title, Lucy couldn’t help but inquire about the reason behind it.

With a warm smile, Kiengei clarified that he bestowed this title upon her due to the profound respect he held for her. He went on to explain that, in the Catholic denomination, a “Mother Superior” is a woman who typically guides and cares for younger sisters within the church. He earnestly conveyed that Lucy Wa Ngunjiri assumed the role of a spiritual mother to all fellow pastors, urging her to conduct herself accordingly, for she was being looked up to by all men and women of God.

Lucy Wa Ngunjiri was profoundly touched by his words, and she pledged to consistently carry herself as their nurturing mother, guiding them towards the righteous path. The onlookers present were overjoyed to witness the deep, affectionate bond shared between Pastor Ben Kiengei and Lucy Wa Ngunjiri, a bond that resembled that of a mother and her beloved son.