Kenya Fake Fertilizer Scandal: Ex-Wife Throws CS Linturi Under The Bus ask president to fire Him

Farmers throughout Kenya are in uproar following the unsettling discovery of pebbles and animal waste mixed into their fertilizer. At the heart of this tumult lies the alleged dissemination of counterfeit fertilizers, with Agriculture Cabinet Secretary (CS) Mithika Linturi finding himself embroiled in the controversy.

Unveiling the Scandal
In Nakuru County, a joint security team confiscated 560 bags of suspected counterfeit fertilizer. Consequently, the government has put a halt to the distribution of NPK fertilizer to farmers under the subsidy program. Specifically, the fertilizer in question, NPK 10:26:10, purportedly produced by Ken Chemicals Limited, is suspected to fall short of standard quality. This revelation casts a shadow over farmers already grappling with economic hardships, as they now confront the harsh reality of compromised agricultural inputs.

Governmental Response
Responding swiftly, Agriculture Principal Secretary Kipronoh Ronoh directed the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) to suspend the distribution of the dubious fertilizer. In a directive dated March 20, 2024, he tasked NCPB Managing Director Joseph Kimote with conducting a thorough investigation into the fertilizer’s specifications before contemplating its reintroduction under the subsidy program. The gravity of the situation is underscored by the potential penalties the supplier may face if investigations confirm substandard quality.

Linturi’s Defiance
In spite of mounting evidence, Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi has vehemently denied allegations of counterfeit fertilizers being distributed to farmers via the NCPB. He maintains that the government is providing certified and standard fertilizers through its subsidized program. However, law enforcement authorities persist in seizing numerous bags of fertilizer containing various irregular substances, leaving farmers bewildered and aggrieved.

Political Ramifications
The scandal has sparked a political maelstrom, with Joel Chacha, a K24 TV panelist, questioning whether President Ruto should dismiss CS Linturi. Concurrently, Hon. Marianne Kitany, MP for Aldai, contends that the President must take decisive action to combat this economic sabotage. As tensions escalate, attention is fixated on the government’s response and the fate of Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi.

Kenyan farmers rightfully deserve quality inputs to enhance their livelihoods. However, the fertilizer scandal jeopardizes not only their crops but also the trust they have in government initiatives. President Ruto faces a pivotal juncture: will he promptly intervene to restore confidence or risk exacerbating damage to the agricultural sector? The nation eagerly awaits his resolution.