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Nairobi woman reveals how she used to sleep with her husband ‘Mpango wa Kando’ after failing to get children

Esther Wanjiru’s bold decision to share her narrative sheds light on the harsh realities experienced by numerous women who grapple with infertility within their marriages.

Having entered matrimony in 1992, her path over the subsequent seven years was fraught with sorrow and disrespect as she confronted the crippling stigma of barrenness.

Instead of offering solace, her spouse’s reaction was to introduce other women into their household, exacerbating Wanjiru’s agony.

“The ordeal I underwent due to childlessness led my husband to disrespect me. He would bring other women into our home, and we would share the same bed because I hadn’t borne a child. He often belittled me, calling me worthless. So, I made the decision to leave him and live independently,” she recounted.

Enduring the humiliation of cohabiting with her husband’s infidelities became a daily torment for Wanjiru.

Despite her longing to salvage the marriage, his hurtful remarks, denigrating her worth because of her inability to conceive, steadily chipped away at her self-esteem.

The emotional toll of the situation became unbearable, yet Wanjiru persisted, clinging to hope for a change that never materialized.

Wanjiru reached her breaking point when she was arrested for assaulting one of her husband’s paramours, who attempted to intervene in their tumultuous relationship.

It was at this juncture that she summoned the strength to depart, seeking refuge in her mother’s abode to escape the toxic environment she had endured for years.