Where they are now: The new Grave lives of ‘Tahidi High’ Teachers

Since its inception in 2006, ‘Tahidi High,’ a Kenyan comedy series, has entrenched itself as a beloved fixture in local television, captivating audiences with its blend of humor and insightful portrayal of high school life.

More than a decade later, the show’s enduring characters, particularly its faculty members, continue to hold a special place in viewers’ hearts. Let’s take a glimpse into the current endeavors of some of the iconic teachers from ‘Tahidi High.’

  1. Geoffrey Githae Njogu (Teacher Karimi):
    Geoffrey Githae Njogu, better known as Teacher Karimi, portrayed the role of the firm but fair disciplinarian on ‘Tahidi High.’ Beyond the screen, leveraging his counseling background, Njogu has transitioned into a motivational speaker, inspiring others with his insights. Proficient in both Swahili and English, he traverses various schools, offering mentorship to students. Additionally, Njogu has ventured into production and filmmaking, chronicling his professional journey on social media platforms like Instagram.
  2. Angel Waruinge (Miss Morgan):
    Angel Waruinge, who captivated audiences as Miss Morgan, the deputy principal of ‘Tahidi High,’ encountered challenges navigating her newfound fame, prompting her to seek counseling. Presently, she holds a prominent position as a business executive at Nairobi Performing Arts Studio, flourishing in the creative sphere as a producer. Moreover, Waruinge has carved a niche for herself as a brand ambassador, representing renowned companies like Naivas Supermarket and Faulu Bank.
  3. Joseph Omari (Mr Tembo):
    Joseph Omari, fondly remembered as Mr. Tembo, portrayed another authoritative figure on the show. Post-‘Tahidi High,’ Omari prioritized investing in his family, which has contributed to his current stable and fulfilling life. Grateful for the financial support from his children, both locally and abroad, Omari expressed his contentment in a conversation with media personality Hiram Kamuhunjia. This support has alleviated financial burdens, allowing Omari to lead a comfortable life.
  4. Ted Kitana (Mr Kilunda):
    Ted Kitana, renowned for his portrayal of Mr. Kilunda, the stern disciplinarian, underwent a significant life change in 2020 by relocating to his rural home in Machakos County. Embracing the tranquility and economic benefits of village life, Kitana ventured into entrepreneurship. He now owns a salon, barbershop, and engages in farming activities in Kang’undo, Machakos County. Kitana has actively involved locals in running his businesses, leveraging his celebrity status to benefit his ventures.
  5. Lydia Gitachu (Teacher Chebby):
    Lydia Gitachu Nyambura, known as Teacher Chebby, has exhibited remarkable resilience in her pursuit of success since her tenure on ‘Tahidi High.’ Remaining active in the arts, she has diversified her portfolio by appearing in various films. As a creative entrepreneur, Gitachu not only writes scripts but also directs stage and film productions. Additionally, she hosts karaoke nights at premier clubs in the city, showcasing her multifaceted talents.
  6. Benard Mwangi (Mr Mweposi):
    Benard Mwangi, aka Mr. Mweposi, faced challenges following the conclusion of ‘Tahidi High.’ In 2022, he disclosed his decision to relocate to Karatina, Nyeri, to pursue farming, particularly focusing on chili cultivation. Mwangi sought financial assistance to expand his farm, aiming to provide better for his family. Despite grappling with health issues such as diabetes and depression, Mwangi remains resilient in his pursuit of a fulfilling livelihood through agriculture.