Niliwawarn!– Moya David as he flaunts new Mercedes G-wagon

Kenyan TikToker Moya David has recently taken a subtle stance in response to rumors and criticism surrounding his supposed disagreement with his partner, known as Mumama Lover. The accomplished dancer made a statement by flaunting his new G-Wagon, effectively hitting back at his detractors.

Moya cleverly employed President William Ruto’s famous phrase, ‘Nilikuwa nimewarn,’ as a veiled response to those who had been targeting him. This move garnered attention and sparked a discussion among the viewers who felt that Moya chose to address the situation indirectly, considering his prominence on Twitter in recent days.

In a separate post, Moya shared a powerful message: “Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark.” This statement resonated with his followers, further emphasizing his resilience and determination to rise above the challenges he faces.

Recent reports have circulated, alleging that Moya’s luxury car and his thriving SPA and beauty business have been seized. To counter these rumors, Moya recently announced his decision to sell his highly regarded salon, Salono, for an impressive amount of Sh4.5 million.

In a video message, Moya introduced himself as Moya David and showcased the beauty shop he was putting up for sale. He guided his audience through a tour of the salon, highlighting its interior and state-of-the-art equipment.

Moya did not provide a specific explanation for his unexpected decision to sell his business merely months after its grand opening. However, netizens have come up with various hypotheses regarding the situation. Some speculate that the investment might have encountered difficulties, leading Moya to divest and avoid further complications.

Despite the speculation, Moya David continues to demonstrate his resilience and determination. Through his social media presence, he aims to overcome the challenges he faces, proving that setbacks will not hinder his journey towards success.