Allan Aaron’s ex-wife now says she is single and looking for a man who will accept her and her 4 kids.

Ann Shiko has now come of the closest saying that she is ready to love and be loved by a new man after breaking up with her husband.

She stated that she will readily give in to any man who will love her and accept her four kids unconditionally.

“I am single and looking for a man who will accept me with my four kids and a man who fears God. That is what I am looking for,” she said.

She said that being a single mother is hard adding that her husband left her when their last born was one year old.

I used to borrow people money but most did not help me and so I started isolating myself.

“My husband left when our lastborn was one year and seven months. I tried to fight for my marriage by visiting bishops for him to be talked to, but it didn’t work,” she said.

“I was earning 10k and I don’t know how that money paid the bills but we survived until now. I am currently not struggling and I thank God. I sell cars and I sing,” she added.