Check out Kaveve Kazoze’s Ngesh new hairstyle courtesy of Sonko

The rapper was seen enjoying her newfound fame with the politician’s family, and she is truly grateful for all the support she has received.

Ngesh wa Vasha and Manzi wa Kibera, accompanied by Sonko, had the opportunity to take a vacation in Mombasa.

Ngesh wa Vasha decided to switch up her blonde look and opted for a fiery red hairstyle.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko generously treated her to a hair makeover on Friday, July 14.

This marked Ngesh’s second visit to Sonko’s home, where he proudly showed them around and introduced his team of makeup artists and barbers who styled the large group.

In addition, Manzi wa Kibera, who has been spending a lot of time with Ngesh, revealed that they would be heading to Mombasa, where Sonko owns a prominent club.

Ngesh was scheduled to make an appearance at the club, and the makeover was much-needed. Manzi wa Kibera shared their home display and captioned it as “Home barber shop eish.”

Filled with excitement, Ngesh hopped on a plane and expressed her gratitude, saying, “I feel amazing and I’m thankful to Sonko, the former Governor, for this incredible opportunity. Big up!”

Ngesh’s fans were thrilled to see her appreciation and showered her with praise. Just a few days prior, Ngesh and the rest of the Spider Clan members visited Sonko after receiving a special invitation.

Sonko generously provided them with designer outfits and shoes to rock. He shared videos where he appeared happy, distributing gifts to the Genge star.

Furthermore, Sonko announced that he has a deal for the Genge squad, stating, “I have also paid them to perform at Club Volume in Mombasa this weekend. I will continue to support local talents across the country, as many of them rely on their skills for survival.”

Mike Sonko allowed the Spider Clan Crew, famous for the song ‘Kaveve Kazoze,’ to raid his wardrobe, adding to their experience with his generous support.