Tiktoker Brian Chira Shoots His Shot at Mulamwah, “Nakutaka” -

Tiktoker Brian Chira Shoots His Shot at Mulamwah, “Nakutaka”

Social media influencer Brian Chira has recently expressed his admiration for Kenyan comedian Mulamwah. Chira took to social media to share a photo of the comedian, captioning it “Me Nakutaka” along with a series of love emojis.

This incident followed a previous encounter where Chira had approached Mulamwah at The National Theatre, seeking to take a picture with him. However, Mulamwah declined the request, stating that he didn’t want to be associated with Chira due to his controversial behavior.

Brian Chira, feeling upset by Mulamwah’s refusal, took to his TikTok live sessions to express his frustration. He vented about the situation and reminded Mulamwah that he played a role in his rise to fame, as he claims to have known him before he became popular.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, Mulamwah explained his reasons for declining the selfie with the renowned TikToker. He emphasized that individuals like Chira tend to forget that their actions on social media have real-life consequences and contribute to their overall reputation. Mulamwah stated that he cannot associate himself with people who engage in inappropriate behavior on platforms like TikTok, which Chira has been known to do during his live sessions.

However, Mulamwah expressed his willingness to collaborate with Chira if he rectifies his mistakes and learns from them. He believes that the younger generation on TikTok should understand that fame should be used to benefit themselves and society, rather than indulging in obscene content.

In addition to his interest in Mulamwah, Chira previously shared his admiration for media personality Andrew Kibe. In a video posted on his TikTok account, Chira praised Kibe for his appearance and openly expressed his desire for him. He mentioned that he has had a crush on Kibe for a significant period and would like to have an intimate session with him.