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Husband heartbroken after finding out that none of his 4 kids biologically belongs to him

A woman has contested the DNA findings that indicate none of the four children born during her 16-year marriage to her 44-year-old husband are biologically his.

Olanrewaju disclosed that he initiated a DNA test on one of their children, receiving a negative result that prompted him to extend the testing to their remaining three children.

The examinations conducted at the DDC DNA Diagnostic Center in Osogbo conclusively established that all four children, whom Kolawole had believed to be his own throughout their marriage, were fathered by another man.

Expressing his distress and confusion, Kolawole, in an emotional conversation with On-Air-Personality Oriyomi Hamzat on Kokoro Alate at Agidigbo 88.7 FM in Ibadan, appealed to Nigerians for support.

“I want Nigerians to come to my rescue because I must not suffer this in vain. I married Toyin in 2007 and gave birth to four children. She gave birth to four children, but none of them belongs to me after findings from a DNA test,” lamented Kolawole.

Contrarily, Toyin Tella, Kolawole’s wife, rejected the DNA results, alleging foul play. She insisted that all her children are indeed Kolawole’s.

“I don’t accept the result. I don’t accept it because I was not there when they took samples, and I don’t know which sample they took, so I don’t accept it. I can’t accept it because I know how I conceived those children,” she asserted.

Kolawole and Toyin Tella entered into matrimony in 2007, and their union has since produced four children whose biological paternity has now come under scrutiny.