Eric Omondi Lists Kenyan Celebrities Likely To Go Straight To Hell

Eric Omondi, acclaimed as Africa’s comedic sovereign, undoubtedly lives up to the grandeur of his title, consistently evoking uproarious laughter from audiences across Kenya and beyond.

In his most recent masterpiece, Omondi once again proves his comedic prowess, dazzling his spectators with a side-splitting performance. Entitled “Kenyans in Hell,” the video showcases renowned Kenyan personalities who find themselves amusingly earmarked for the fiery depths.

At the outset, Omondi, assuming the role of Satan, exchanges banter with Bien from Sauti Sol, humorously acknowledging their well-documented rivalry. As the narrative unfolds, three Nairobi women humorously referred to as “broiler gels” stumble upon skeletal remains, humorously confirmed by the devil himself to be those of KRG the Don.

Inquisitive, the women demand a rundown of the luminaries destined for damnation, with the first spot on the list humorously reserved for the contentious televangelist Pastor Ng’ang’a, famed for his eyebrow-raising proclamations. The roster continues with the inclusion of Stivo Simple Boy, Joe Muchiri, and Samidoh, a beloved figure in the Mugithi music scene.

In a stroke of comedic genius, Omondi expands his repertoire to include international figures, with Nigerian sensation Ruger and Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones portrayed hilariously engulfed in hellish flames.

In his latest comedic venture, Eric Omondi once again proves himself as a master of his craft, skillfully weaving together local and international personalities into a tapestry of humor that leaves audiences in stitches.