Mimi ni Simba sivai cheni feki! Kama feki tusipime unitie aibu! Diamond Platnumz Hillarious moments as he inspects his Jewellery worth Billions -

Mimi ni Simba sivai cheni feki! Kama feki tusipime unitie aibu! Diamond Platnumz Hillarious moments as he inspects his Jewellery worth Billions

In a recent social media outburst, Kenyan musician Otile Brown has taken a swipe at Tanzanian music sensations Diamond Platnumz and his protege Mbosso. The controversy erupted shortly after both Diamond and Mbosso shared images of their newly acquired custom-made jewelry, which they proudly showcased on various social media platforms.

Otile Brown did not hold back in his criticism, suggesting that the two Bongo Flava artists might have fallen prey to counterfeit jewelry dealers. In a direct message to Diamond and Mbosso, Otile expressed his concerns, saying, “With love, reduce the corrugated iron sheets around your necks, or you should remain silent. Who are you guys buying chains from?”

Furthermore, Otile urged his fellow artists to be transparent about their acquisitions, stating, “Let’s be honest; you can’t constantly boast about your wealth and then flaunt subpar jewelry. Inspire the game; what’s the point of pretending? Blessings are one thing, but after a few months, you won’t even see that chain because it’s already rusted.”

To support his argument, Otile Brown proceeded to list a number of reputable stores known for selling authentic and certified chains. He questioned why artists of Diamond and Mbosso’s stature would not opt for these reputable sources, stating, “Why not buy from there, considering your financial capabilities?”

The Kenyan artist also emphasized the negative impact of flaunting fake jewelry, especially on young people who might misconstrue the message it sends. “Youngsters think success comes easy, and now nobody wants to put in the work. There’s nothing wrong with faking it until you make it,” Otile remarked.

However, Otile Brown’s critique extended beyond the authenticity of the jewelry. He urged artists who have achieved success not to engage in empty bragging, cautioning, “The issue arises when you’ve made it but continue to flaunt it and talk endlessly. We will call you out for the love of the game.”

In a separate incident, WCB Signee Mbosso proudly showcased his newly acquired pendant, a custom creation that featured his name and likeness. This unique jewelry piece was imported from the UK and adorned with a combination of white, yellow, and black diamonds, all coated in gold. Mbosso openly disclosed that the pendant came with a hefty price tag, costing him millions of shillings, but he expressed no regrets about the expense.

During the unveiling of his pendant, Mbosso issued a stern warning to his fellow celebrities, urging them to cease wearing fake chains, which he claimed could pose health risks. “These pendants are expensive… invest, my brothers, and stop wearing fake chains. From now on, if a fan touches this, we will have a problem,” Mbosso declared.

Meanwhile, Otile Brown has set high expectations for his upcoming album, vowing to leave the music industry if it fails to make it to the top three best albums in Africa. He teased fans with the promise of “real-life experiences” and insisted that only success on a grand scale would keep him in the music game.

As the controversy surrounding the authenticity of celebrity jewelry continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Diamond Platnumz, Mbosso, and other artists will respond to Otile Brown’s scathing critique.