Manzi wa Kibera’s old Boyfriend, Nzioki is Dead

Kenyan social media personality and video vixen, known as Manzi wa Kibera, is grieving the loss of her 67-year-old partner, Nzioki.

Confirming the unfortunate news during a phone interview with Kenyan YouTuber 2mbili, the video vixen expressed her sorrow over Nzioki’s passing. She disclosed that Nzioki, also affectionately known as ‘Mzae,’ passed away while undergoing treatment at the hospital. She shared the poignant detail that she had been caring for him, making his loss all the more profound.

Although she didn’t elaborate on the specifics of his illness, the loss weighs heavily on her heart.

The bond between Wambo, popularly known as Manzi wa Kibera, and Nzioki was solemnized in a wedding ceremony attended by close friends in June of the previous year. This union came after a publicized separation. In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Mzae recounted how Wambo had returned his title deed, signaling the end of their relationship. However, they resolved to reconcile and reunite.

The couple openly professed their love for each other, dispelling any rumors of seeking attention or fame.

Months ago, the pair announced their separation, with Manzi wa Kibera introducing a new partner, 75-year-old Njau.

Yet, love brought Wambo and Nzioki back together, determined to rebuild their relationship.

Reflecting on their journey, Manzi Wa Kibera shared in a previous interview that they crossed paths in 2022. She revealed that Nzioki had been a widower since his wife’s passing in 2007.

Our deepest condolences go out to their family and friends during this difficult time. May Nzioki’s soul find peace.