Butita Reveals He Spent Over Kshs40K On His New Hairstyle

The former Churchill show comedian, Eddie Butita, has disclosed that he spent a considerable amount of money to get his new hairstyle. He revealed that he spent over $300 (equivalent to Kshs 41,130) on his hair. Butita explained that he paid a premium price for his hair, but it was worth it. He stated that he is just trying to be himself, and this year, he wants to try out everything.

Butita further explained that the hair he acquired is genuine human hair, and it was shorn on his behalf in a foreign country and flown to his location. He added that he would have to maintain it carefully, including sleeping with a headscarf, to keep it looking great. He admitted that he would have to be “girly” for several months to maintain his new look and develop the right attitude.

Recently, Butita had to address rumors about his romantic involvement with model Sadia. He explained that the rumors were untrue and created by gossipers. He emphasized that they were just friends and business partners, working on creating content and pursuing their businesses. He denied that they were in a romantic relationship or had ever kissed. Butita claimed that the rumors about him and Sadia were baseless and that he and Sadia used the gossip to their advantage to achieve their goals.

“Whatever was being said ni nyinyi mlicreate. I have confirmed anywhere that we are dating. We have never kissed we. We are just friends, we are creating content, our plans and businesses. Its just that when you gossipers saw us together you concluded that we are dating and we ran with with to achieve our goals,” he said in a phone interview.