"Punguzeni Mabati Kwa Shingo" Otile Brown Calls Out Diamond Platnumz And Mbosso For Wearing Fake Jewelry -

“Punguzeni Mabati Kwa Shingo” Otile Brown Calls Out Diamond Platnumz And Mbosso For Wearing Fake Jewelry

In a recent Instagram post, Kenyan artist Otile Brown has raised eyebrows by accusing Tanzanian bongo musicians Diamond Platnumz and Mbosso of flaunting counterfeit jewelry. Otile Brown, known for his outspoken nature, did not mince words as he questioned the authenticity of the jewelry worn by the two Tanzanian stars.

In his Instagram post, Otile Brown delivered a blunt message, saying, “With love, Punguzeni Mabati Kwa Shingo, or you remain silent.” Roughly translated, it means, “Reduce the iron sheets around your neck or keep quiet.” He questioned the credibility of their jewelry sources, suggesting that their chains are not from reputable jewelers.

Otile Brown specifically called out the Tanzanian artists for frequently boasting about their jewelry while wearing pieces he believes to be fake. He urged them to support recognized jewelry vendors, mentioning global names like Icebox, Johnny Dang, and A Jeweler. These jewelers, Otile Brown implied, are known for their authenticity in the industry.

While Otile Brown acknowledged the popular adage, “fake it until you make it,” he expressed confusion about how Tanzanian artists can seemingly afford authentic and original chains while opting for counterfeit items. He questioned their credibility, saying, “Y’all can’t be talking rich all the time and still wearing fugazi. Ujanja wa nini and you are blessed? It’s not bad wearing fugazi they say fake it till you make it. Tatizo ni kama you have made it and still rocking it and running your mouth.”

Mbosso, one of the accused artists, recently unveiled a custom-made pendant bearing his name and face. He shared that this personalized piece had cost him millions of shillings and required a two-year wait. Mbosso also cautioned fellow celebrities against wearing fake chains, emphasizing the risks associated with such choices.

Diamond Platnumz, another target of Otile Brown’s criticism, spent a substantial sum of 5.2 million dollars (approximately $48,000) in August 2021 to acquire a new chain featuring his moniker ‘Simba,’ complete with a lion head pendant.

Otile Brown’s own involvement in the jewelry scene made headlines last year when he purchased a pendant worth Ksh. 902,625.00 to honor his late grandmother. In doing so, he tagged Ice Box, a renowned jeweler specializing in diamonds in the United States of America.

This public exchange highlights the ongoing debate within the entertainment industry regarding the authenticity of artists’ displays of wealth and the choices they make in adorning themselves. As the conversation continues, fans and fellow artists alike are left to ponder the significance of authenticity in an industry that often thrives on appearances and image.