“Utatafuta rosecoco na torch” – Fans react to Pritty Vishy’s video showcasing plus-size figure

Since her breakup with Stivo Simple Boy, content creator Pritty Vishy has been striving relentlessly to maintain her relevance in the world of celebrities. Following their separation, she managed to gain popularity and fame online, largely due to her controversial content.

However, in the beginning, she frequently faced hurtful comments from trolls who body-shamed her whenever she posted her photos online. Over time, though, it seems she has learned to embrace her body and developed a sense of self-acceptance.

Having endured enough of body shaming, Pritty recently vented her frustrations online, urging her followers and fans not to engage in body-shaming behavior. She emphasized that women should not alter their personalities or physical appearance to please men, implying that she can still be marketable with her current physique.

“Let me remind you that men are never satisfied, honey. Don’t let a man make you change who you are, your career, or your body just to be with him. A man can have a well-proportioned, classy wife at home and still cheat with a fat, unshapely maid. The main message is: don’t let a man dictate what you should do, who you should be, or what kind of body he desires because he may still cheat,” she expressed passionately.

She has now taken on campaigns to encourage plus-size women to love and embrace themselves. Recently, she posted a beautiful video showcasing her confident figure, and her fans couldn’t get enough of her. She captioned the video, saying, “I sell confidence to my plus-size queens.”

Here are some of the reactions to her video:

  • diddietimmy: What have the Kenya Wildlife Service unleashed here?
  • official_ballitra: Here, you can look for Rosecoco and a torch.
  • taqueen_jk: You look beautiful, my dear.
  • way_lay: You are beautiful even without clothes.
  • wairimu_wa_njenga: You don’t even need to dress up; you’re just perfect in the video.
  • moke_fashions: This level of confidence is remarkable.
  • decranyabonyi: So now you’ve decided to expose yourself when I used to respect you?
  • bosibori191: And that black line, it makes you look like a pregnant woman exposing her belly when a child is washing clothes.

In another story, Pritty Vishy became emotional during an interview with Eve Mungai as she recounted how fans criticize her based on her appearance, something she has no control over. She mentioned that her mother is active on all social media platforms and sometimes feels compelled to respond to Vishy’s fans because she cannot sit idly by while her daughter is being torn down.

“I never wished to be in this position. Just imagine, my mom is on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and WhatsApp. When she sees posts about me and the comments people leave, she fights back because she didn’t choose to give birth to me this way,” she shared.

Through tears, the digital content creator expressed how much it hurt her and how she sometimes contemplates giving up. However, she finds strength in the knowledge that she has her mother to make proud and people who look up to her.

“It hurts immensely, especially because my mom is like your sister or sibling, and then someone decides to be negative for no reason. It breaks me, but when I remember that I have my mom to make proud and people who look up to me, it gives me strength,” she revealed.