Why Edday Nderitu Unfollowed Her Husband Samidoh On Instagram -

Why Edday Nderitu Unfollowed Her Husband Samidoh On Instagram

“Is the First Lady really returning from the US?” Netizens speculate as Edday unfollows Samidoh.

Edday Nderitu, the beloved wife of Samidoh, has bared her soul, expressing deep concerns that have shaken their once solid marriage of over a decade. She has taken a significant step by unfollowing her self-centered husband, who appears unaffected by her feelings.

Her decision to unfollow the renowned Mugithi singer on Instagram speaks volumes, leaving a void in their long-standing connection, which now feels distant and virtual.

Samidoh’s absence is noticeable among the 524 accounts she currently follows. This deliberate action reflects the growing rift between them, which may have been intensified by his disregard for Mother’s Day and her birthday.

Recently, Edday Nderitu embarked on a journey to the United States, accompanied by their three precious children, while Samidoh remains in the company of Karen Nyamu locally.

The biggest question on netizens’ minds now is whether she will return soon or not.

Many wonder about the future of their fragile union. Each day brings more strangeness and unfamiliarity for the two individuals who were once deeply in love and are now just co-parenting.

The uncertainty hangs heavily, casting a shadow over their shared future, particularly considering Edday’s anger and her reluctance to share Samidoh with Karen Nyamu.

Samidoh’s continued flirtations and attention towards Karen Nyamu only adds to the heartbreak. It is especially disheartening when considering their journey from the days when Samidoh was unknown and far from the fame he enjoys today.

It seems that Edday no longer sees any value in following Samidoh and has chosen to remove him from her thoughts and life.