“Mimi Hukula vitu safi juu niko na Pesa” KRG the Don Introduces His 19 Year Old Girlfriend

Kenyan musician KRG the Don, known for his love of luxury and women, has recently introduced his latest girlfriend to his fans. The musician took to social media to share photos of his beautiful young girlfriend and wish her a happy 19th birthday. In the post, he expressed his hope for her to have a wonderful life and for God to bless her with happiness and good health.

KRG, however, decided to keep his girlfriend’s name a secret, as he wants to protect their relationship from the many men who are interested in her.

It should be noted that KRG and his ex-wife Linah finalized their divorce last year. The two had a very public and ugly split, with both of them airing their grievances on social media. KRG accused Linah of cheating on him with a 25 year old man, whom he referred to as a “beggar.” He also claimed that she had many affairs while he was working hard to provide for her and their children.

Since the separation, KRG has been seen with multiple girlfriends, leaving his fans wondering if this latest one will be the one to win his heart for good.