Machachari actor Govi Talks on fame, addresses Baha's predicament -

Machachari actor Govi Talks on fame, addresses Baha’s predicament

Malik Lemmy, the well-known Kenyan actor who gained fame through his role as Govi in the popular TV show Machachari, was one of the esteemed guests at the long-anticipated premiere of the Showmax drama series, Faithless.

In a candid interview with Nairobi News, Govi offered his perspective on the predicament faced by fellow Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya, known as Baha, after being exposed for defrauding a US-based Kenyan nurse.

Govi acknowledged that such situations could happen to anyone, but he emphasized that when it occurs to a celebrity, the issue gets magnified and subjected to intense scrutiny.

“Fame allows numerous stories to be woven about us. Many people depend on fame, but on the flip side, it brings immense expectations from our followers. It’s a regular situation that can happen to anyone,” Govi stated, revealing that he has become resilient to the negativity that often accompanies fame.

The actor shared a personal experience when he became a trending topic on Twitter after participating in a photoshoot where he dressed as a woman.

“Ignorant individuals labeled me as gay, but those who understood me reached out with messages of encouragement,” he recalled.

Govi has now realized that being in the limelight means there will be both admirers and critics, along with those who are envious and harbor unnecessary hate.

Nevertheless, he mentioned that as long as these negative aspects do not affect him personally, he has nothing to worry about, especially with the unwavering support of his family.

“I no longer allow trolls to get to me, and typically, the hate dissipates after a week or two. I confront the situation head-on,” he said confidently.

Baha recently made an announcement that he is taking a break from social media to focus on therapy and personal growth. He openly admitted to struggling with a gambling problem.

In a brave move, he shared his experiences, expressed his feelings of shame, and emphasized his commitment to seeking help to overcome this habit.