Akorino Couple Carey Priscilla and Benito Muriu Welcomes Their Second Child

Akorino celebrity couple Carey Priscilla and Benito Muriu have expanded their family with the arrival of their second child. The couple shared the joyful news with their fans on social media, introducing the newborn as “baby M.”

Last year, when the couple announced their second pregnancy, Benito stated that he was willing to shower his wife with love and that he would be content with just two children. Carey, on the other hand, revealed that she was not initially ready for another child, but she was happy with the pregnancy.

Since the birth of their first child, the couple has consistently demonstrated their affection for each other in various ways. Benito gifted Carey her dream car, while Carey chose to tattoo his name on her back.

In December, the couple made a controversial video that sparked mixed reactions among social media users. The heavily pregnant Akorino model was seen being shaved by Benito in a video recorded and posted on their YouTube channel.

Despite the mixed reactions, the couple has continued to live their lives unapologetically and enjoy every moment of it.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the arrival of their new bundle of joy! 👏