Alcohol no good ooo: Watch the moment beautiful college girl ur!nates on herself after getting drunk, see reactions

A female student enrolled at the Kenya Water Institute situated in Nairobi West found herself in an unfortunate situation recently, causing her great embarrassment due to an encounter with alcohol. The young woman was observed to be heavily intoxicated, engaging in incoherent speech with her concerned companions who gathered around her after she inadvertently urinated on herself.

A video circulating on the internet captures the scene where her friends attempt to assist her, struggling to steady her as she stumbles and loses her balance.

In the background, a male voice can be heard ridiculing the intoxicated young lady, making fun of her for not being able to hold her liquor.

“Imagine getting drunk from just three drinks,” the man’s voice jeers as the intoxicated woman rests on the ground, thoroughly intoxicated.

Watch the video below;