” Pritty Vishy Dumped Me For Stivo Simple Boy” Ex Boyfriend Cries Out.

In a recent interview with 2mbili Tv, emerging comedian and content creator, Babunye Comedian, made a candid revelation about his past relationship with Pritty Vishy, the former girlfriend of Stivo Simple Boy. Babunye opened up about their connection and shared details about their time together.

According to Babunye, he and Pritty Vishy were an item before either of them achieved fame. They shared a close bond and spent a significant amount of time together. Collaborating on content at Kenya National Theatre, they nurtured their creative pursuits side by side. During this period, Babunye developed deep feelings for her, confessing that he was genuinely in love.

However, things took a turn when Pritty decided to end their relationship and subsequently started dating Stivo Simple Boy. Babunye revealed that Pritty played a pivotal role in seducing Stivo Simple Boy, as she aimed to gain fame through their relationship.

Her plan proved successful as she garnered the attention and recognition she desired. Unfortunately, this newfound fame led Pritty to disregard Babunye entirely. She stopped responding to his messages and even avoided answering his calls, leaving Babunye feeling neglected and rejected.

Despite the heartbreak, Babunye admitted that his affection for Pritty Vishy remains unwavering. In his eyes, she is his ideal woman, and he is willing to go to great lengths to win her back and build a life together. Babunye firmly believes that Pritty surpasses the beauty of renowned personality Akothee, and he considers her the most enchanting girl he has ever encountered.

Undeterred by the circumstances, Babunye unabashedly shared his relentless pursuit of Pritty Vishy, even displaying the messages in which he expressed his admiration for her. He remains determined, asserting that he will persistently pursue her, maintaining an optimistic outlook that, one day, he will capture her heart and form a lasting bond as a couple.