“Mkiachana Tunaandamana”: Netizens After Oga Obinna Showers Dem Wa Facebook With Lots of Gifts

Netizens have responded enthusiastically to a viral video featuring comedian Oga Obinna lavishing fellow comedians and content creator Dem Wa Facebook with gifts. The heartwarming scene unfolded during the birthday celebration of Amber Ray’s Daughter, where both were guests. Allegedly rumored to be collaborating as content creators, Oga Obinna was captured generously showering Dem Wa Facebook with presents.

In the comment section, Netizens flooded in with overwhelming support for the duo, even pledging solidarity to the extent of rallying together if the two ever decide to part ways. Comments like “Wallahi Mkiachana Tunaandamana” (Swahili for “I swear, if you break up, we’ll march together”), “I have left my relationship to focus on yours, guys harusi tunayo” (Swahili for “I’ve left my relationship to focus on yours, we have a wedding”), and “Aki Obinna marry this girl we shall pay for the dowry” echoed the sentiments of their ardent fans.

Expressions such as “Ile Siku mtaachana tunaaenda state house mguu sisi wote wakenya” (Swahili for “The day you break up, we’ll all march to the statehouse, all of us Kenyans”), and “Nyinyi wedding yenu itabidi mtafute uwanja kubwa ju sisi fans we must attend na tuko wengi” (Swahili for “For your wedding, you’ll need to find a big venue because us fans must attend and we are many”) further underscored the immense support the duo commands from their fanbase.

Despite Oga Obinna’s remarks in an interview stating that Dem wa Facebook is not his type, Netizens have seemingly drawn their own conclusions about the nature of their relationship, showering them with declarations of love and adoration.

Furthermore, fans have lauded Oga Obinna for his display of affection towards Dem Wa Facebook, commending his transition from a mere comedian to a YouTube content creator, and celebrating the attention and love Dem Wa Facebook has garnered from their shared audience. One fan expressed, “God bless you Oga Obinna, not many people would pick someone struggling to make it in the industry. But you picked this girl that not many believed in and taking her places.”

The duo has also recently announced plans to embark on a county-to-county stand-up comedy tour, alongside other artists and comedians, further solidifying their partnership and expanding their reach in the entertainment industry.