Nimelipa milioni 3 nimepata Geneza ambalo kiwango cha ubora.Sasa nasubiri kifo tu,”

The retired police officer proudly shared that his coffin, crafted over six months, had cost him Tsh 3 million. Upon receiving this lavish burial accessory, he expressed immense joy, stating that his plans were now set. He declared that with his expensive coffin in place, he could depart any day without concerns about his burial arrangements….CONTINUE READING

“Truly, I am delighted; on the days that I find joy, today is a day of great happiness for me. This day has become different for me because I have received what I informed the public about. After preparing the burial site, I am now awaiting the casket,” said Mzee Sabasita. “The coffin is exquisite, and I am pleased with it. I paid three million, but I have received something whose quality matches the amount I invested. Now, I am just waiting for death,” he added.

Sabasita gained social media attention in September 2023 when he spent Tsh 7 million on a modern cemetery. Following the burial, he publicly announced his intention to acquire a coffin, and within seven months, he successfully obtained the coffin of his dreams.

In a subsequent discussion, Sabasita disclosed that, unlike his parents, he aspired to have a dignified funeral. He explained that his parents were financially struggling when they passed away, and their funerals became public displays of shame.

“I am taking these measures to avoid the inconveniences I witnessed when my parents passed away in 1995. Additionally, it is to convey the message that death is inevitable and to alleviate the financial burden on my family. Our lifespan shortens daily as we age,” he emphasized.