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Pastor Nga’ng’a Explains Why He Called Cops On His Wife.

Neno Evangelism Church pastor, James Nga’ng’a has explained why he had one day called the police on his wife, Murungi.

Nga’ng’a revealed that his wife kept running away from their house due to messages sent to his phone.

In a live session with his wife who Nga’ng’a kept referring to as Mrs Kenya One, Murungi revealed that there were people who wanted to ruin her marriage.

I have one husband legally married to him. It is not easy but it is a blessing. I don’t come from a pastor’s family. What I might have known to be a wife is contrary to being a pastor’s wife,

she narrated.

“I picked what I had seen from my dad. I got married expecting marriage to be a bed of roses. There are challenges before marriage since, there were men who wanted to marry me and on my husband’s side, there were women who wanted him to marry them.”

“I had to change my phone number and he changed his as well. We started on a clean slate. We started fresh since we both had our past,” she said.

“We collided and I ran away. I packed my bags and things. Running away was not the end and it. I regret that. I learnt that once the devil knows your weak point they will use that.”

The man of God said that one day he returned home and found his wife had gone and one of his car missing prompting him to call the police on her.

“One day she ran away with a BMW. I would call the police for her and she would run away.”