Vihiga Man Finds his wife naked with her pastor in their maternal bed and takes a selfie with them.

In the town of Hamisi, located in Vihiga County, a dramatic incident unfolded when a schoolteacher, identified as Drama, discovered his local pastor engaging in an intimate act with his beloved wife. Samson Onyiso, the teacher, had enlisted the pastor’s help, who also happened to be an electrician, to install their new 43-inch TV on the wall.

Leaving the house for approximately an hour to provide the pastor with the necessary space to complete the task, Samson returned only to be confronted by the shocking sight of the pastor romantically involved with his wife. The betrayal left him in such a state of disbelief and fury that he found himself unable to muster the strength to confront or engage in a physical altercation with the pastor.

In a surprising turn of events, Samson opted for a different approach to expose the pastor’s actions to the community and his in-laws. Rather than resorting to shouting or physical confrontation, he decided to capture the moment by taking a selfie, intending to use it as a means to publicly shame the pastor for his betrayal.