“Nipe Pesa Yangu Nimenyamba”: Content Creator’s Prank Goes Sour

Kenyan content creator Trevor Amalemba experienced a shocking turn of events while shooting content, as his client unexpectedly demanded payment after completing a peculiar task.

Amalemba had ventured into the field to film content and had promised to pay the client Ksh 500 for simply farting. The viral video, titled “Uneza nyamba hapa nikupee 500ksh?,” documented the agreement, with Amalemba initially agreeing to the payment. However, once the client fulfilled his part of the bargain, Amalemba revealed it was all a prank.

This revelation left the client infuriated, prompting him to contemplate delivering some powerful blows to Amalemba in public. He expressed his frustration, stating, “Msee ananiambia ninyambe anipe punch, hataki kunipatia dooh. Nipewe dooh yangu nimenyamba,” emphasizing the need for the promised payment.

Amalemba, realizing that his plans had backfired, attempted to salvage the situation by offering the client Ksh 50. However, the client vehemently refused to accept this reduced amount.

The video went viral, with fans finding humor in the situation and urging Amalemba to honor his commitment to pay the client for completing the agreed-upon task. Comments from viewers emphasized the importance of compensating individuals for their work, with sentiments like “Patia mtu pesa yake amefanya kazi,” “Mnaosha mpaka watu wakona Talanta mahn,” and “Moral lesson; nyamba utalipwa” highlighting the humorous yet serious undertones of the incident. Some viewers also remarked on the unexpected turns of events, commenting on the economic challenges reflected in the situation: “Kumbe alikuwa serious… Economy mbaya.” Overall, the video showcased the unpredictability of human reactions when presented with unconventional scenarios, and the importance of fulfilling promises, even in jest.