Maina Kageni Reveals Why He Is The Most Sought-After Sperm Donor In Kenya

During an episode on Wednesday, April 13th, the Classic FM presenter engaged in a conversation with his co-host, Mwalimu King’ang’i, where he disclosed that he has been approached by numerous women who desire to have his child.

Maina Kageni explained that women express their belief that he possesses desirable qualities as a sperm donor, which fuel their desire to conceive a child with him.

“Do you know that women search for specific qualities in a man and decide to have his baby without any further involvement? They mention names like Nick Mutuma and Ian Mugoya as examples. These women perceive something unique about a man, perhaps it’s his height or skin tone, and they proceed to have a child with him, while the man himself assumes it’s solely due to his efforts. Did you know about this?” stated Maina Kageni.

Several years ago, Maina Kageni himself made an offer to the talented singer Sanaipei Tande, promising financial compensation if she agreed to bear his child.

Maina Kageni has harbored an enduring infatuation for Sanaipei and has persistently attempted, albeit unsuccessfully, to win her affection, even resorting to the allure of money.

Maina initially revealed his deep feelings for Sanaipei in January 2021, disclosing that he had approached her with a lucrative proposition to win her love.

The esteemed radio presenter stated that in 2007, he offered Sanaipei a monthly stipend of Ksh500,000 along with a house in Lavington and any other material desires she wished for, as an incentive to have a child with him.

“She exudes radiance, with an alluring appearance. Why did you decline my offer to have a child? I proposed this to you back in 2007. I was willing to provide you with half a million shillings every month, a house in Lavington, and fulfill any of your wishes. Did you know my mother even promised to gift me her Lavington house if I had a child?” expressed Maina Kageni.

In September 2021, Maina openly admitted his long-standing crush on Sanaipei, expressing his willingness to embark on a family life with her if given the opportunity.

When asked whom he would choose to kiss, date, and marry between Nadia Mukami, Sanaipei Tande, and Tanasha Donna, Maina promptly responded, “I would marry Sanaipei. I have always had a crush on her. I’ve asked her to have my child, but she has refused since a long time ago. I would marry her without a second thought. She has been my ultimate crush, now and forever.”

In November 2021, during an interview with Churchill, Sanaipei revealed that Maina began showing interest in her when she had just completed high school.

The songstress mentioned that Maina also approached her when she secured a job at Kiss FM and offered her a life without the need for work if she agreed to bear his child.

“Maina Kageni started wooing me right after I finished high school. Then, when I got employed at Kiss 100 radio, even before I had my own show, he told me that I would never have to work again if I agreed to have his child to take care of me forever. However, I was very young and not ready for the responsibilities and commitments that come with marriage,” disclosed Sanaipei.