Aki Shetani Ni Mbaya! Bahati Regrets Supporting Raila Odinga Instead Of Ruto, SAYS He Spent Ksh 27M On Campaigns

During the August 2022 general election, the renowned singer Kevin Bahati embarked on a political journey, vying for the Mathare parliamentary seat. However, his electoral bid proved unsuccessful, and in a candid revelation made during an appearance on Chipukeezy’s show, he disclosed an intriguing encounter involving Raila Odinga and William Ruto.

Bahati recounted how Raila Odinga had approached him with an offer to dissuade him from his political ambitions in exchange for a job. He explained that he had anticipated Raila’s endorsement on that particular occasion. Nevertheless, upon arriving at the event, Raila, affectionately referred to as “Baba,” took the microphone and urged Bahati to withdraw from the race, promising him a job in return. This proposition left Bahati contemplating the feasibility of such an arrangement, given Raila’s own unemployment status at the time.

Furthermore, Bahati expressed his belief that William Ruto had faith in his potential, contrasting it with his perception of Raila’s stance. He pointed out Ruto’s consistent support for young aspiring politicians, asserting, “Azimio,” referring to Raila’s coalition, did not share the same trust in the youth. According to Bahati, Ruto had been the first to learn of his interest in pursuing the Mathare parliamentary seat, though he remained uncertain as to why he had not aligned himself with Ruto’s political party for his campaign. He humorously concluded, “The devil is a liar.”

Before transitioning into the opposing political faction, Bahati acknowledged Ruto as a supporter. Additionally, he admitted that he had still required financial support from the Jubilee Party, the party under whose banner he contested, to fund his election campaign.

Reflecting on his journey, Bahati likened himself to an independent candidate, as he financed his campaign using personal funds, amounting to approximately KSh 27 million. He vividly recalled a moment when he informed Ruto of his aspiration to run for the Mathare MP seat, and Ruto had responded by providing him with the first batch of food aid that he subsequently distributed in Mathare. Bahati expressed gratitude for Ruto’s support, suggesting that had he not deviated from Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA), he might have secured a parliamentary seat, emphasizing that it was a significant regret in his political journey.