Third facelift for the current Toyota Hilux revealed Overseas

Dedicated Toyota Hilux enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated the emergence of an entirely new iteration of their beloved pickup truck. Although rumors suggest the international launch of the next-generation model in 2025, Toyota believes the current version still has significant vitality.

Toyota Australia has revealed plans for yet another facelift for the enduring and widely favored utility vehicle lineup, with the updated model already in production in Thailand. This marks the third time the current Hilux has undergone a facelift since its global debut in 2015. The latest enhancements encompass a redesigned front bumper and an octagonal grille, drawing inspiration from the anticipated new Toyota Tacoma, which is poised to influence the upcoming Hilux.

The revitalized Hilux is scheduled to debut in Australia around March, although Toyota South Africa has not officially confirmed any analogous modifications for locally-manufactured models.

Adding to the excitement, a mild hybrid variant (48-volt) of the Toyota Hilux is slated for launch in South Africa in March, concurrently with the introduction of the new wide-body GR-S.

Unveiled to the South African media during Toyota’s State of the Motor Industry event in late January, the mild hybrid Hilux exhibited no outward design alterations. Consequently, it appears that South African consumers may have to exercise patience for the facelifted model.

The mild hybrid Hilux, anticipated to be approximately five percent more fuel-efficient than its conventional 2.8-liter turbodiesel counterpart, is set to enhance performance. This improvement is attributed to the additional 12kW and 65Nm boost delivered by the motor generator.

For South African buyers, the mild hybrid system will be offered as an option on 2.8-liter Hilux Raider and Legend auto models, as well as on comparably powered Fortuner models.