Bomet: Emotional Moment as Ailing Wife Arrives at Husband's Burial in Ambulance, Hospital Bed

Bomet: Emotional Moment as Ailing Wife Arrives at Husband’s Burial in Ambulance, Hospital Bed

If only photographs could talk, they would narrate an extremely painful story of a lady in Bomet nursing fractured bones, she had to attend husband’s burial on a stretcher.

The lady was involved in a horrifying road accident along with her better half, sadly he died on the spot while she the wife survived.

The horrible accident occurred on November second, the family delayed the man’s burial hoping the wife would recuperate on time to attend the funeral service.

After around three weeks of waiting, hospital and morgue bills were rapidly rising and the family could no longer afford to wait.

The lady wife suffered severe injuries in the mishap, she was left several fractures on the right leg and pelvis.

Regardless of her wounds, the Bomet lady was ferried to her better half’s funeral service in an ambulance. She went to the burial ceremony while lying on a hospital stretcher.

The woman’s son Nicholas Kimutai Ngetich alias Nic Kim took to social media to share the story as he requested that well-wishers contribute towards his mom’s treatment.

He wrote;

A Life Time Scar Left
Painful stories from images it tells you whay 2nd Nov 2021 is the most horrific day date to be remember, my parents were involved in a tragic road accident, Dad died on spot while mum was left with several fractures on the right leg and pelvis…here comes mum on an ambulance home 😭 😭 not to say hi nor check on the well being of her children but to bid bye to the love of her life😭😭😭😭…it pains me alot …those still schooling younger sister in Form One and brother in Form Four….once a happy family and home left deserted…Mum now hospitalised and a huge bill awaits us.
I mean a great responsibility left at once without preparations….my plea to you ….let’s hold hands together and save mum’s life your prayers and financial support is highly appreciated….let’s channel any amount to +254701734411.
Be blessed.