Salaries of KFC Staff In Kenya 

KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a well-known fast food chain with branches all over the world, including Kenya. As with any business, the salaries of KFC staff in Kenya are an important factor for both the employees and the company.

In Kenya, KFC staff are divided into two main categories: management and non-management. Management staff includes those in positions such as store manager, assistant manager, and shift manager. Non-management staff includes positions such as cashier, cook, and customer service representative.

The salaries of KFC management staff in Kenya vary depending on their level of experience and the location of the store they work in. However, on average, a store manager can expect to earn around KES 60,000 per month, while an assistant manager can earn around KES 50,000 per month. Shift managers can earn anywhere from KES 30,000 to KES 40,000 per month.

Non-management staff at KFC in Kenya typically earn less than management staff. Cashiers can expect to earn around KES 15,000 per month, while cooks can earn around KES 20,000 per month. Customer service representatives can earn slightly more, with an average salary of around KES 25,000 per month.

It is important to note that these salaries may vary based on the individual store and the specific job duties and responsibilities of each position. Additionally, KFC offers various benefits to its staff, such as healthcare and retirement savings plans, which can also contribute to the overall compensation of its employees.

Overall, the salaries of KFC staff in Kenya are competitive within the fast food industry and offer a decent living wage for those working in the industry. While the salaries of non-management staff may be lower than those of management staff, KFC provides opportunities for advancement and the potential for higher salaries through promotions and hard work.