Mungai Eve : Why I Refused to sell my Youtube Channel for ksh.10 Million.

Famous Kenyan female celebrity, YouTuber, and content creator Mungai Eve recently spoke about the amount of money she was offered for her YouTube channel. In an interview with DNA, who recently returned to the music industry after a break, Eve revealed that her channel, which is among the top in Kenya with many subscribers, has received numerous offers from both individuals and organizations.

Eve reminisced about when she first started her YouTube channel two years ago, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. To her surprise, her first video received 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in just one day. The video was with famous Sheng master Madocho and became her breakthrough.

As a result of her channel’s quick growth, several organizations and tycoons offered Eve a substantial sum of money to purchase the channel. She was even offered KSH 10 Million by a tycoon linked to a certain organization. However, Eve declined the offer as she had a vision for her content and wanted to see it through.

Now, Eve’s YouTube channel has over 560,000 subscribers, and she earns KSH 1.5 Million per month from it. The channel has allowed her to live the life she once dreamed of, buy a car, and invest in other areas.