Mali Safi Chito: I will take down a DJ’s mix on YouTube Wakitumia my Song. Lazima mlipe wimbo yangu hakuna kitu ya bure.

Mali Safi Chito, the Marakwet daughter, asserts her uncompromising stance on the unauthorized use of her music in DJ mixes on YouTube. With an alias that reflects her determination and commitment to safeguarding her artistic creations, Mali Safi Chito makes it clear that she will not tolerate the inclusion of her song in any DJ’s mix without prior permission.

Her firm belief that nothing comes for free is evident in her declaration that all DJs must pay her for the privilege of using her music in their mixes. This stance reflects a growing awareness among artists of the value of their work and the need for fair compensation in the digital age, where the ease of online sharing often comes at the expense of creators’ rights.

In taking a stand against unauthorized use, Mali Safi Chito not only seeks to protect her intellectual property but also emphasizes the importance of recognizing and compensating artists for their creative contributions. By demanding payment for the use of her song, she challenges the prevailing notion that digital content should be freely accessible, highlighting the significance of compensating artists for their time, effort, and talent.

Mali Safi Chito’s declaration serves as a reminder that artists deserve fair compensation for their work, fostering a dialogue within the music industry about the value of creative endeavors in an era dominated by digital sharing platforms.